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You have what you think is an excellent piece of land or structure to locate a cell site.  Coverage is lousy there, it's a high spot from which you can see for miles, and you have power nearby.  It's perfect, right?  That's not how the wireless companies search for their next cell site.  They start with a map of their existing coverage and look for solutions to fit their strategic coverage plans. They may need to fill in a specific area of poor coverage or they may need to better serve a growing group of customers. THEN they go looking for a location that fills those needs.

You might be able to add your property to a database, and the wireless companies might check that database and find your property.  There are services that can help you get your property "listed".  More often, the carriers find the ideal site in the field, check the county property records and contact the property owner. By keeping your records up to date with the county might make you more "findable."  You might also place a sign on your property that might make your property a little easier to access than the neighbor's when the carriers are making their site search.  Ultimately, an offer may come to you, if they can find you, and then the negotiations can begin.  This is where you can get quite a bit of help from advisers who will negotiate your best deal and show your property in the best possible light.

Cell Site
I owned a unit in a condominium that was pitched by Sprint who liked that our building had a view of the entire town.  There was a challenge that our building did not have a flat roof and Sprint could not figure out how to mount antennas to the satisfaction of the city.  If we had someone who could show Sprint that they could attach the antennas to the back of the building we might have won that contract.  Instead, they chose a nearby motel with a lower, and therefore less optimal, rooftop location.

Your best chances as a property owner is to be "findable", and to make your property the best candidate for the wireless carriers when they call. Here is a sampling of advisers who can aid you in becoming the next cell site landlord in your area:

Assists property owners, venue owners and government entities with cell tower lease negotiations and small cell infrastructure deployment plans.  They are willing to answer questions and offer guidance about cell site lease negotiations.

Assists private landowners, commercial real estate owners, municipalities, and anyone else who either has a cell tower lease, or has been contacted for a new cell site lease.

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